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World in work

A free to use recruitment website

100% free to both

Job seekers and employers

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About World in Work

World in Work is a free-to-use service for everyone who works, wants to work, or has work to offer. Whether you are unemployed and looking for a job, employed but looking for a new/better career, or simply curious to find out about new opportunities, World in Work is the place ‘where your next job finds you’.

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What does placing an advert on the World in Work job board do for my business?
You won’t just reduce your recruitment fees and time trawling through long CVs.
With our snap shot profiles, you will also be investing in a company with ethics.
You will have control over the candidates you put forward for interviews, not recruitment consultants, by selecting them personally using World in Work.

Reducing recruitment fees

  • You will appear on page one of your sector on the job board, with your logo and your message to job seekers, linking them directly to your careers page or job board.
  • If you don’t have a job board on your company website, you can use your advert text on our job board to say “send your World in Work profile page/CV to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can use the World in Work logo on your website with the "send your WiW profile to us" message. If someone visits your website and wants to apply for a position they click on the link and it will take them to the Send my profile page where they can send you a short message about their desired job application.

Helping Job Centre Plus clients find work

For every 100 adverts on the World in Work job board we will take an unemployed job seeker from our database, employ them, train them and have them help other unemployed job seekers. They will assist them to create World in Work profiles and applying for jobs on the World in Work job board.

Our goal is to work with Job Centre Plus branches across the UK providing them with a free service in their centers, and be the first provider to deliver such a service to the Job Centre for free.

Helping students find work

Our trainers will visit university open days and events to show the students how to use the World in Work graduate job board and how to create profiles.

Helping training providers

We will use training providers to deliver the training and qualifications required to our trainers, with World in Work providing the experience.

This is why we like to think of our advertisers as more of a sponsor.


World in Work is a great believer in personal development, with this in mind, we have created a platform for selected companies to assist our members in their employment goals.


Using the below services, you can improve your CV, your World in Work profile, your interview techniques and more.




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PurpleCV are a team of UK CV writers from all sectors and levels of industry, who have experience in what employers are looking for. We are unbeatable when it comes to this and are proud to say so. Creating each CV from scratch, PurpleCV writers understand what recruiters and HR departments are looking for in an outstanding CV.


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Some of you won’t even think about safety issues when attending a job interviews but, on very rare occasions, things can happen that could have been avoided with some forethought.

As we said this is not a major issue for most of the interviews you will attend, however, here are a few personal safety issues to consider when preparing for an interview.


Find out where the interview is to be held


  1. Tell someone you know where you are going and who you are meeting - including their contact details.
  2. Interviews on the premises of the organisation are usually fine and are the expected practice. If you are asked to meet somewhere else, use your common sense!
    • You may wish to question the request or suggest a different time when you can meet at their company offices.
    • Alternatively, you can suggest somewhere that is public; such as restaurants, hotels, lobbies, or coffee shops. These are used regularly for interviews.
    • Avoid having interviews in a private residence. Unless you know the person well.
    • Avoid being interviewed somewhere remote unless you can take someone with you to wait for you.
  3. Be sure that if they have paid for your travel you have return travel.
  4. If you're going overseas for an interview, do your research in advance to check that you're going to a safe place with trustworthy people. Share your contact details with friends / family and have regular “check in” texts / phone calls. Set up a “safety word” and check in before the interview and after using the safety word


Dress appropriately.


  1. Ensure your clothing could not be viewed as provocative – both males and females.
  2. It isn’t appropriate for an interview
  3. It's a safety measure
  4. It makes plain common sense.


Night time interviews.


  1. Interviews for shift-work may take place at night, although this is not a common practice.
  2. Try to avoid being interviewed at night unless you can take someone with you to wait for you either in the car or somewhere near such as a café /bar etc.
  3. Don't let an interviewer drive you home. Have your transportation arrangements sorted and readily accessible.


You have rights in an interview, so speak up if the interviewer behaves in the wrong.


  1. If the interviewer is making lewd suggestions, exposing themselves on purpose, yelling or acting violently towards you or just harassing you in any way, immediately ask for the behavior and line of questioning to stop and terminate the interview.
  2. Inform the interviewer that you are leaving, that you have someone waiting for you and go as quickly as you can.
  3. Once you are away from the interview, follow up the matter as soon as you can with the firm (and police where necessary). The firm deserves to know it has a rogue interviewer at large.
  4. Do not hang around making threats of legal action, etc. This could make the situation worse, leave and go home and record everything so that you can take this up with the firm / police. If you are assaulted, go to the police station as soon as you can.


Other points to consider


  1. Keep your mobile phone with you during an interview. Keep it turned off naturally, but it’s there if you need it.
  2. Sexual harassment, assault, hate speech, etc. are all illegal actions, even if you don’t work for the company yet. Seek advice and help immediately.
  3. If your interviewer appears to be under the influence of drink or drugs, excuse yourself if you feel uncomfortable or afraid. Any interview under such circumstances is going to be viewed in poor taste by any decent company and won't reflect the workplaces’ preferred work culture. It’s better to leave and contact the company / someone in charge about your experience.


WORLD IN WORK - HOW IT WORKS step by step guide

1. Job Seekers create a unique World in Work profile

Job Seekers enter their current job, desired jobs, desired salary, location, available hours and additional information.
They can also upload their CV and profile picture.

world in work user profile

2. Employers create a profile and search the World in Work database for Job Seekers

Search for Job Seekers by job title, location and desired salary.

World in Work Search Results page

3. Employer finds a Job Seeker and contacts them directly

Employer sends Job Seeker a personal message or requests their CV.

Or a Job Seeker can contact Employers directly by using the Send My Profile option.

World in Work Contact User

4. Job Seeker receives an email alert when an Employer makes contact

Job Seeker logs into World in Work and starts engaging in conversation with the Employer.

Both Job Seekers and Employers will receive email alerts when a message has been sent to them.

World in Work Conversation

5. ...It's that simple!

Employers and Job Seekers can exchange personal details, arrange interviews, offer jobs etc. World in Work takes no fee whatsoever.

World in Work Handshake

Want to learn more about World in Work? View the About Us Page.