What does placing an advert on the World in Work job board do for my business?
You won’t just reduce your recruitment fees and time trawling through long CVs.
With our snap shot profiles, you will also be investing in a company with ethics.
You will have control over the candidates you put forward for interviews, not recruitment consultants, by selecting them personally using World in Work.

Reducing recruitment fees

You can use the World in Work logo on your website with the "send your WiW profile to us" message. If someone visits your website and wants to apply for a position they click on the link and it will take them to the Send my profile page where they can send you a short message about their desired job application.

Helping Job Centre Plus clients find work

For every 100 adverts on the World in Work job board we will take an unemployed job seeker from our database, employ them, train them and have them help other unemployed job seekers. They will assist them to create World in Work profiles and applying for jobs on the World in Work job board.

Our goal is to work with Job Centre Plus branches across the UK providing them with a free service in their centers, and be the first provider to deliver such a service to the Job Centre for free.

Helping students find work

Our trainers will visit university open days and events to show the students how to use the World in Work graduate job board and how to create profiles.

Helping training providers

We will use training providers to deliver the training and qualifications required to our trainers, with World in Work providing the experience.

This is why we like to think of our advertisers as more of a sponsor.