WORLD IN WORK - HOW IT WORKS step by step guide

1. Job Seekers create a unique World in Work profile

Job Seekers enter their current job, desired jobs, desired salary, location, available hours and additional information.
They can also upload their CV and profile picture.

world in work user profile

2. Employers create a profile and search the World in Work database for Job Seekers

Search for Job Seekers by job title, location and desired salary.

World in Work Search Results page

3. Employer finds a Job Seeker and contacts them directly

Employer sends Job Seeker a personal message or requests their CV.

Or a Job Seeker can contact Employers directly by using the Send My Profile option.

World in Work Contact User

4. Job Seeker receives an email alert when an Employer makes contact

Job Seeker logs into World in Work and starts engaging in conversation with the Employer.

Both Job Seekers and Employers will receive email alerts when a message has been sent to them.

World in Work Conversation

5. ...It's that simple!

Employers and Job Seekers can exchange personal details, arrange interviews, offer jobs etc. World in Work takes no fee whatsoever.

World in Work Handshake

Want to learn more about World in Work? View the About Us Page.